Happy Father’s Day

Our Father in heaven,
Is watching your five children,

See what the war did it to us,
Watch the beginning of the curse,
See my anger and my tears,
See all my dreams di­sappear,
Hear my voice and my cry,
And see my hopes all die.

See my blood and my life,
My weapons and your knife,
Inside me, see the Darkness,
See when I’m homeles­s,
Hear me howling at the moon,
Because the end come soon.

See when I feel so cold,
When the sun burn my World,
You know the North remember,
So, see the Devil on my shoulder,
And now, look at the skyfall,
This is the end, let me drown.

Today, it’s the Fath­er’s Day,
And, is how I should pray.

Une réflexion sur “Happy Father’s Day

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