The bloody road of Renwez

When the fierce month of september came to try,
To depressing me, I’m cooking blueberry pie,
Drink a pint of beer and a Whiskey glass,
That’s a Paddy’s cure, watch your own ass.

Grab some popcorn and look the same movie,
In the town of Nice with man’s best friend Bibi,
Saluted mother dear, call me darling sister,
‘Cause it’s family’s tradition forever and ever.

’till, my spirit let’s fly toward the ocean side,
Then the Loctudy lighthouse is in my mind,
Oh, Brittany your awful home, let me tell ya,
You’re not the worst holidays than Corsica !

Drown in a creepy pool and a curse lake,
But if I dont’ know swim, it’s my mistake,
Scary, eerie, deadly stepmom hide the way,
If you’d don’t only listen, sorry I’ve to run away.

But, the mushrooms, I still remember, yes
When you played piano, I was so reckless,
Sis’ and you always understood each other,
‘Cause I was a cheater, stealer, so addict reader.

And I have no life, no lover to prove untrue,
I parked my car in the graveyard in a foggy dew,
I banished ghosts, goblins and one gnome,
In the bloody road of Renwez, your home.

All the bad are good, all the good are bad,
And my mate says « Ali, you look so sad »,
Juste ’cause my country kill me like my daddy,
Blood began to boil, I’ll escape this with Baby.

All on my own, I’ll go to the Brit Kingdom,
When any town in the North would be home,
In London starving or in Dublin, I cry,
I’d be better to die beneath an Irish sky.

Called meself a fool, but I can’t stay,
For an another unhappy bloody birthday,
Oh, glorious dead, in my dreams I go,
In Paddy’s Pud, I let out my sorrow,
Nightmares must end, the world must know,
We all depend on the devil below.

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