Lovely Dysfunctional Family

It is like a big family,
With the uncle, sis’ and Daddy,
Where everybody laughs and dances,
If you hurt one of us, you don’t have a chance !
Everybody eats and everybody drinks,
And everybody listens all the good musics,
I hate the place and I love it as well,
It’s like Heaven and also like Hell,
If you want to come, you can join the club,
It’s not very difficult, it’s just an Irish Pub !

To my Friends :
Spencer Tracey, Johnny Gavin, Stephen, Marc « Mokes » Smyth, Desmond, Richard, Richie, Mick, Frankie Dettori, Tracey, Val, Eamon, Uncle Muirsheen, Paddy, Liam, Jimmy, John, James, Taxi, Lorcan, Pat’, Declan…

To the Barmen :
Connie, Brenan, Sandra, Nicole, Kiera, Tony, Eamon, Sam, Ollie

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