Tell Me

You are by my side, and I keep my ring,
We have our song, the one we sing,
You don’t need money, or a true beauty,
At least with you, I’m always happy.

Tell me that love, will never stop,
And, by the bad guys, we can’t be caught,
Tell me your feelings, will never leave you,
And you still want maybe a kid or two.

But you need to understand, I’m very afraid,
For the girls like me, those who feel so dead,
It’s so strange and frightening,
To see the World shining.

Tell me the bad times ar over,
And the Moon will rise in the night forever,
Tell me we will have our house in Laytown,
With very big walls, maybe blue or brown.

Tell me we will pickup shells for the rest of our life,
And tell me one day, I’ll be your wife…


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