5M (Mick, Moon, Magic, Merlin, Music)

My best Irish Friend Johnny is always my first reader. 
For my English Poems, of course. And, he found a pattern in my writing.
He said, it’s always about 3M : Mick, the Moon and Magic. 
He also said I should write a poem about that.
So, I did.
I’ve added 2 other M to complete the pattern.
And now, let me introduce you my 5M poem…

My first M, is for Mick,
He is the best part of my Magic,
He is the love of my life,
And I always be his wife.

Second M for the Moon, my Goddess,
Because I am a Sorceress,
The weapon for the Witching Hour,
And the reason for my power.

The third M is for my Magic,
In a World so fantastic,
With love, words and spell,
No more death, no more farewell.

My fourth M is all about Merlin,
And my Magic with my violin,
The best wizard, the last Dragonlord,
Much better with Magic than a sword.

And the last M is for my Music,
Very magical and also therapeutic,
My violin is my little baby,
And a part of the army of me.


Copyright © 2020 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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