I can’t

You’re here, but I can’t touch you,
You’re smiling, but I can’t hug you,
I’m outside, but I can’t breathe,
And my friends are all I miss.

I’m walking on the streets, but they’re all empty,
I’m meeting people, but they’re all angry,
I can see strangers, but they’re all afraid,
That if I touch them, they’re all be dead.

I can call you, but you’re not with me,
I can hear you, but you’re still cranky,
I can see the sun, but we can’t enjoy it,
No more Guinness, not even a little bit.

I can see the Pubs, but they’re all closed now,
I still can be happy, but can you tell me how ?
I can be strong, but I also can cry,
Because the people I care about, will probably die.

Copyright © 2020 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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