Coming Soon…

Lockdown 2.0 – Day 1 : OK, everything is closed again… So, time to work and work and work ! Let me introduce you to the cover for a new book : A ChapBook ! It’s a big project with the Drogheda Creative Writers. Some writers in the group have been chosen for the book. I was ! 16 of my favorite English poems (Also 2 Irish poems) will be published in the book ! They wanted a black and white drawing for my booklet, so I gave it this one to them. My booklet’s title is « I Have Magic ».

I did this drawing 4 years ago. I’m correcting the prototype of my booklet and three members of the group are working on the book. Big big project, launch very soon !
Follow me and stay connected, I’m finally published in English, with my friends/writers ! Wow !

✨ I’m a Writer, I have Magic ✨

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