The World is red

Thanks to the « Drogheda Creative Writers » I had the challenge to translate my previous French poem : 
« Le Monde est rouge »
In English.
I wanted to keep the rhymes so it was more long and complicated but I did it !
Enjoy !

Nothing moves, everyone is afraid,
Since March, the World is red,
Like a prisoner in jail,
The beach is closed, so as the trail.

The hours pass so slowly,
You stay motionless, so are we,
Everything is closed, the World stops, 
Forget friends, books and shops.

Under the bright full moon,
Or in the creepy quiet afternoon,
Like everybody else, you know this is the end,
It’s a Human cause, I don’t want to offend.

More and more, you dream more,
In this World, dead and poor,
You can see the wildlife waking up,
And the wonders can follow-up,
The ones, who think they won,
Eventually, they all are gone.

Locked your life, but not your dreams,
Humans are worse than it seems,
For the « Covidiots », they publish,
But always, they’re talking rubbish,
So, stay here, and listen to the story,
About the darkness part of our history.

You want to go, escape or creep,
And the World is now asleep, 
So, you take the leap…

Die by it or by fate,
Our fault, is to wait.

Writing : 26.10.2020
Translation : 08.11.2020
Copyright © 2020 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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