Yes, there is no rest for the wicked,
It’s an unbroken curse as they said,
But it’s a devil game I don’t want to play,
‘Cause I’m a good Witch but I lost my way.

This spell is like a heavy burden,
And even if I’m alone without any coven,
Where I go I leave such a big mess,
‘Cause I’m a walking nightmare in a pretty dress.

My cauldron always bubbles in my bedroom,
Humans walk but I prefer my broom,
Under the Moon, in the middle of the night,
I’m not afraid, ’cause black is my new white.

The curse put on me is very bitter,
They underestimated my own power,
I warn you, don’t let me in,
‘Cause the bane is under my skin.

Impetuum tuum evoco ad devorandum,*
My Magic can only bloom,
I don’t care of the freakin’ lockdown,
‘Cause, baby, you should see me in a crown.

Friday the 13th (November, 2020)
* « I call forth your attack to fire. »
Copyright © 2020 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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