2021 !

My 2021 Goals

1) « Bronze Membership » : As you know, I adopt a pup seal on the Association « Seal Rescue Ireland » every 3 or 4 months. I had already 5 seals in the Association : Moss, Tea Tree, Nightshade, Solar & Nebula. I’ll still adopt pup seals, yes, but now, every month I’ll give 5 Euros to the Association for the babies. (Seal Heroes Memberships – Bronze €5.00) As my love for the seals and the nature grows, my help grows as well !

2) « Herbivore » : Again, as you know, I am already a Vegetarian. I don’t eat any meat at all. Just sometimes some fish (Because, I love that so much !) and sometime some eggs for the proteins. But, now, I really want to do my vegetarianism better. Much better. And try to be Vegan. Slowly. It’s my goal. The most complicated will be to stop the cow milk. And, also, to stop black pudding and white pudding (Irish meal. I love that so much, as well !) I won’t be a 100% vegan. My health is too too bad for that. But, I’ll try my best and do what I can.

3) « Lacrimosa » : OK, I’ve already published 4 books in French and 1 in English ! It’s amazing for me ! But, apparently, not for everyone… For my last book (In English) on 15 books I had, I’ve only sold 1… I had to offer/give the others because I knew no one would like to buy one. Anyway, I know I’m supposed to stop writing books. But, I can’t… I’m a Writer. I have Magic… So, I’ll carry on my writing. I really want to stop losing money. I’m supposed to gain money from my work. So, thanks to a good friend, I discovered a good website for my next book. Yes, my next book ! In French ! Ahah ! « Lacrimosa », the following of my previous book « Dies Irae ». I AM SO HAPPY WITH IT ! I hope you will too…

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