Back to the past

Hear me, casting a spell,
When my music can tell,
In the blue bedroom of mine,
Once Upon A Time…

One, two, three and four,
The Past is knocking at my door,
From the Futur, this week,
I will find what I seek.

Teenage love is filling the room,
But it died too soon,
Is it because of my another name ?
Or is it the memories to blame ?

Find the Book at any cost,
But I think I’m already Lost,
Travels don’t fear the Reaper,
How soon is now, Father ?

Fifteen years ago,
A Bad World, as above, so below,
But the music, loud and clear,
My deepest memories come to bear,
« When I was a child,
I was a Jedi. »

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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