British Men of Letters

There lived a lovely man in London, long ago,
He was nice and cute, and his heart couldn’t say « No »,
Most people looked at him with pity and with joke,
But to me only, he was such a charming folk.

He could recite his books just by heart,
Full of joy and Whiskey,
Because he was also kind of smart,
That people wanted to be.

He led Kendricks Academy and never mind the Demons,
And in battles he fought well with his guns,
In all affairs of fights he was the man to question,
But he was real sad when he had to leave London.

For the headmistress, he was only an orphan,
Though she knew the test he passed,
She believed he was her own pawn,
Who couldn’t blast.

« You know Mick must die » declared his enemies,
But only me, begged : « Don’t you dare to do it, please ! »
No doubt my dear Mick had lots of hidden friends,
But they were so selfish and they provoked our ends.

Then one night, the Killer agreed to obey,
Set a trap, the headmistress was to blame,
« Come to see us », she had to say,
And Mick sadly came.

Oh no, Mick Davies,
May your soul rest in peace,
They accused him of treason,
He should not have left London.

Oh no, my dear Mick,
Those villains make me sick,
They didn’t want you to quit, just your head,
And so they shot you until you were dead.

Break the Code,
And follow your road.
Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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