Bright Eyes

« Écrire, c’est refuser de mourir. »

Bright eyes, just the truth for me,
Full of jokes and very pretty,
10 years, he stayed in the corner of my place,
Still waiting to read my face.

It’s burning up my mind,
Feeding the lies inside,
The triggers,
The lovers,
And his bright eyes.
It’s waking me up at night,
Turning the Darkness into light,
No more lies,
No more cries,
Just his bright eyes.

His heart was hurt by a suicide,
Feeling guilty since she died,
Now everything’s gone in his reality,
He tried so hard to save me.

And it’s burning me up inside,
He was stuck in my mind,
All the guys,
All my lies,
And his bright eyes.
No matter how hard I try,
I feel the beasts untie,
No more dreams,
Just my screams,
And his bright eyes.

Can’t you see his eyes and what lies inside ?
And all the horrors he tries to hide ?
Too late I’ve seen the meaning of it,
But I had to take the heat.

And it’s destroying all my brain,
The memories remain,
My allies,
Bright eyes.
It’s waking up in my mind,
Why are you so blind ?
It’s unwise,
Dear bright eyes.

« J’aime bien tes yeux,
Mais je préfère les miens,
Car, sans eux,
Je ne pourrais pas voir les tiens. »

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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