Once upon a time, ten years ago,
A true story, just to let you know,
The blood was real, on me,
And I just wanted to flee.

But, the prison was real too,
And I knew that it was true,
I could read faces, back then,
Enough to escape the den.

The torture, the pain, the memories,
Crying and praying on my knees,
Fallen, far from the sky,
I just wanted to die.

I wrote everything on my computer,
Creating my Worlds and my savior,
From the hospital, to my bedroom,
The Red Door was my doom.

My music stuck in my mind,
Because everybody was blind,
He said : « We adapt to survive »,
If only I was alive…

The tablets helped me to lie,
Truth to be told, I had to try,
Then, I ran so far away,
For a brand new day…

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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