I’m invisible, everywhere I go,
I’m like a ghost, or a shadow,
I can hear the whispers, going to me,
When they talk, they beg deeply,
That I must not kill you,
But, I heard that too.

I’m invisible, and it’s a bad dream,
Like the ones I have, I can’t scream,
On screen, or in real life,
The only thing you see is my knife,
With the good words, the good trigger,
He can turn me into a killer.

I’m invisible, all day long,
In the town, where I belong,
As usual, the respect is dead,
That’s why the World is red,
Like the snow, melting on a sunny day,
I’m kind of radioactive in my way.

So, I’m invisible, yes, it’s true,
And I swear I won’t kill you,
I’m not like that anymore,
My mantra is ‘Nevermore’,
Just talk to me, one more time,
While I’m waiting for the Wintertime.

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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