First things first, I just want to say,
There’s nothing to keep the pain away,
Always writing everything in my stories,
The words are screaming in my diaries.

I was broken from a young age,
Keeping my free spirit in the cage,
When the drugs numbed my brain,
I could feel the triggers in my veins.

Second things second, about the pain,
It’s much worse between the mountains,
With the cold, the frost and the snow,
I’ve almost fallen way down below.

I was all alone, in the wild white,
Crying and praying, until the night,
And even now, everything is just the same,
Why should I be the only one to blame ?

Last things last, they made me angry,
So, now, I’m the Pirate of my sea.
It’s a nightmare, I’m just a ghost,
To the people I loved the most.

Now, by all the rage in my Magic,
I swear your death will be tragic,
Finally, my foes, my pain is revealed,
And I’m not the one hiding behind the shield.

July 2021
Inspiration : « Believer » – Imagine Dragons.
Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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