My nightmare is bigger,
It’s bigger than my power,
But you are with me,
Together as soldiers in the army,
Or dancing with the tides,
And drowning in your ocean eyes.

That’s us in the Darkness,
In the cold of Bucharest,
Losing my memories,
For our new cities,
Here we are, now,
I don’t remember how.

I can hear you laughing,
I can see you dancing,
On the Black Sea,
Just you and me.

Every triggers,
Of every orders,
Are washing away on the shore,
And, now, we can love more,
I’ll take care of you,
Eyes of ocean blue.

When the reality is coming back,
The colors are fading into dark,
Now, I can hear you scream,
Because it was just a dream.

Associated Poem : « On the Seas of the World »
Inspiration : « Losing my Religion » – Version BeLL.
Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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