It was covered by snow,
And the white was a flaming glow.
Far over, the foggy mountains cold, in a hidden bunker our next battle takes place. I could hear the sound of the ice falling way down below. And I thought that I heard him scream.
Also, I could see the wonderful and powerful Altai Mountains in the corner of my eye.
Yes. But…
The air smelt like death and gunpowder. From our own weapons. Our little group has always been fighting. We made the bullets fly, we made them rain.
Then came the Iron Warrior, and the war began.
As long as I can use my Magic, I could try to save him from revenge.
But, then… The floor turned into crimson red and I used myself as a shield to protect him.
I stared into his ocean eyes. Those steel blue eyes let you know what love is.
I did shout my spell from the top of my lungs :
‘Ic þe þurhhæle þin licsare !’
A sudden frozen faintness did whirlpool in me,
Like a lost little girl on a modern ecstasy,
The carmine star faded into the silver snow, and the intense frost hit us all.
The weight of the century makes him scream,
What if all these fantasies were just a dream ?
Remember us.
Remember me.
I remember all of them.

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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