Anchor ⚓

At the moment, I can’t ‘anchor’ myself, always hiding in another reality, into the songs and in my Mind Palace. I publish things that I delete a few days later.
I delete everything again and again.
Totally lost in the void.
Thankfully, I have a song that can help me to anchor myself somewhere.
‘One In A Million’ by Midnight To Monaco.
It helps, but I still need a better anchor.
So, I wrote a French poem ‘Ancrage’ about it and I translated it into English.
Here we go !
(English is not my mother tongue, I’m sorry if you notice some mistakes)

Please, can you drop anchor,
On the Danube’s frozen harbor ?
The Alps Mountain is slipping,
And our fall is coming.

Can you anchor me outside ?
Under the dust and the snowslide,
Behind a shield, red and blue,
During World War Two.

I’ll dance on the sand, as your bride,
The anchors, on Constanța’s seaside,
Before our countries will shake,
My Soldier, stay with me, awake.

Don’t cast anchor in Manchuria,
Our Triggers feed our traumas,
We’re all mad here, even when,
We are singing : ‘We’ll Meet Again’.

Drop anchor in my Mansion,
Let turn the white into crimson,
Inside a silver metal bunker,
My Mind Palace is scattered.

Anchor me to the frozen train,
In every nightmares inside my brain,
The blood flows through our hands,
Memories of No Man’s Land.

Cast anchor into my cries,
Or into your steel blue eyes,
In the shadow of the red star,
Until the end of the war.

Written : 26.06.2022
Translate : 10.07.2022
Copyright © 2022 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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