Knights of Kasterborous

I was running around the planet,
Just my clothes on my back,
I thought I saw a comet,
And almost had a heart attack.

The comet was a blue box,
With a Mad Man on his side,
I asked ‘Are you a warlock ?
Why is it bigger on the inside ?’

So tell me, my weird stranger,
Will we travel together ?
‘Cause my body is tired of running,
And my soul just wants to Zing.*

We have traveled, we have fought,
We have crossed all the space,
I’ve seen Aliens, I’ve seen Robots,
And they triggered my shocked face.

Now, we are listening to our songs,
Because you have to die too,
But my Muse is too strong,
And the Uprising will come true.

So, let me in, my Mad Man,
Come on, what’s your plan ?
‘Cause my heart is tired to fight,
And my love just wishes to bright.

You took me in and you showed me,
All the beauty in the Time,
Eleven years later, so strangely,
My memories are back in rhymes.

But a Space Man forgets each foe,
Each fall, each death, each colossus,
And the Human Woman has to follow,
The Knights of Kasterborous.

*The ‘Zing’ from the movie ‘Hotel Transylvania’ it’s that moment when you know you have found the one true love in your life.
Inspiration : The song ‘Love Don’t Roam’ by Neil Hannon.
Copyright © 2022 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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