He is

He is alive and he is dead,
He is fearless and he is afraid,
He is platinum an he is brown,
He is up and he is down.

He is a Villain and he is a Hero,
He is a friend and he is a foe,
He is music and he is silence,
He is Magic and he is Science.

What can I do when he is about to die ?
Should I scream or should I cry ?
I know he is also gonna die,
I’ll save him, I’ll have to try.

He is an open book and a mystery,
He is nice and he is naughty,
He is young and he is old,
He is hot and he is cold.

He is drunk and he is sober,
He is an uncle and he is a father,
He is a gangster and he is a spy,
He is immortal and he is gonna die.

Tell me why am I,
So tired to try ?
To hijack my dreams,
Die choking on our screams…

Copyright © 2022 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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