Matt Attacks

I’m in a Loop and my mind is trapped,
Hiding in the Palace but it has been hacked,
I’m thinking of you, no one can see,
All the Triggers that are killing me.

I’m trying to change the time and space,
But in the end I always see your face,
I’m hitting the floor and I’m dreaming,
Of my Zombie when the night times come creeping.

Don’t come back,
Don’t come back,
Let me live with my Pack.
Don’t love me,
Don’t kiss me,
Let me out with my crew,
I can paddle my own canoe.

I’m feeling the love,
And the Angels above,
But we want to cause mayhem,
We all know you’re jealous of them.

I see your pure and white soul,
Sucking up inside the black hole,
I’ll carry the burden and take the fight,
And when I’m done I will write.

Don’t come back,
Don’t come back,
Let me love all of the bad,
You know we all are mad.
Don’t miss me,
Don’t kiss me,
I need you out of my head,
Because we all are dead.

26.12.2022 in « Ollie’s Pub ».
Inspiration : ‘Pressure’ by Muse.
Copyright © 2022 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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