(The new year inspires me strangely…)

I rewatch a million time,
My best lover in crime,
There is no life in your Universe,
But it could be worse.

Your skin feels so cold,
You will never grow old,
A part of you can love me,
But you’re just a Zombie.

Every day with you, it’s like Halloween,
And once you’re King, I’ll be Queen,
You are free from the pain,
While you’re eating a brain.

Your eyes are frozen blue,
And your lips are cold too,
Your skin and hair are white ivory,
Because you’re still a Zombie.

You’re a brain dealer and a killer,
You’re a black and white gangster,
You have a heart and I love it,
Sometimes I can feel it beat.

While your kisses cut like ice,
I’m surprised to feel it nice,
Kissing me and drinking Whiskey,
But, you’re still a Zombie.

I’ve become just like you,
My eyes are frozen blue,
My skin is as white as snow,
And my mind wants to blow,
I’m alive and I’m also dead,
While I’m shredding a head,
You’ve taught me how to kill,
How to eat brains and to live,
On the outside, I’m alive and happy,
But now I’m a Zombie.

Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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