I never thought,
That I will be caught,
With someone just like you,
You made me smile,
I wanted to comply,
And we don’t need to argue.

I’ve opened my heart,
It’s been torn apart,
Don’t play the hero with me.
I know your power,
We can be braver,
Evil is the new sexy.

I won’t leave you,
I know all your past,
I won’t leave you,
You’ll be loved at last,
I’ll smile for you,
The World is a blast.

Now, I will save,
The one that I crave,
From the dirty glass prison,
After a panic attack,
I will come back,
And save you from the demon.

You have a conscience,
Just selective vengeance,
An interchanging mind control.
You’re under my skin,
The Devil within,
Do you have no soul ?

Together for a while,
Don’t forget to smile.

Inspiration : ‘Won’t Stand Down’ song by Muse.
Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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