I can save you

Take my hand, I can bring you back to the living,
No more night terrors and no more drowning,
Lose your anger, the World won’t fall apart,
My love in your life can cure your broken heart.

Don’t you die on me, you deserve redemption,
You are always all alone, too much rejection,
I have what you need, come join my crew,
I can save you.

You need to leave the sand, the cliffs and the water,
I’ll bring you to the hospital for your pacemaker,
Trust me, you will feel no pain anymore,
Come join my Palace, you have your own door.

Most of the people want to see you die,
But on the inside, you’re the greatest guy,
I know this feeling, it’s nothing new,
I can save you.

The pain is controlling you,
The fear can’t be true,
I can save you.

Inspiration ‘Compliance’ song by ‘Muse’.
Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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