I Can’t Decide

It’s not easy choosing a song in the morning,
I only know it will be English,
Copying their accent, that I wish,
And every day I’m writing and playing,
I feel like I’m in a Loop again,
Like a repeat button in my brain.

I can’t decide,
Don’t ask me to pick a side,
You’ll probably go in the stars,
The other will play with his guitars,
I can’t decide,
My heart is dead inside,
It’s cold and sore, and yes, you know,
Lock the doors, I want to go,
We’re going for a ride.

It’s a nightmare to be the last in Time,
If you stop now, I’ll come with you,
Even to Midnight if I have to,
Just like some partners in crime,
Or feeling the Pressure with my violin,
I Won’t Stand Down and we’ll win.

I can’t decide,
I’m lost and petrified,
We’ll save the World next night,
And we’ll fight to ignite,
I can’t decide,
Whether I should laugh or cry,
Your home is a million stars,
And I have his glittering red guitar,
And I can’t decide,
But you know that I tried.

Inspiration : ‘I Can’t Decide’ Song by Scissor Sisters.
Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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