Don’t Go

Tell me how does it feel,
To be mad and so sweet,
When the Vortex did reveal,
The never ending drumbeat.

I thought I was lost again,
I thought I heard you say,
That my heart stopped at Ten,
While you’re singing ‘Blue Monday’.

Those who can live in this Timeline,
Are living a full life,
But your time is lost, and mine,
Will end up in a strife.

I still find it so hard,
To think like I think,
The Lords took you of guard,
And my mind keeps the link.

I see a spaceship in the sky,
And I can hear you scream,
When all the stars will die,
It’s just a misfortune dream.

And I thought I was alive,
But we lost our homes,
When you made England thrive,
And say ‘Here come the drums’.

I thought I told you to hide,
You and me, by the sea,
How does it feel to stride,
When you share your hearts with me.

Inspiration : ‘Blue Monday’ Song by New Order.
Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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