Real Or Not Real ?

The story is a strange nightmare,
For the girl with the long brown hair,
And the new one told her to stay,
But she has already lost her way.

The World is a horrible scream,
Yelling inside a drunken dream,
He’s nowhere and she can’t find,
The Traveler inside her own Mind.

Because her life is a saddening bore,
She changed it twenty times or more,
She can end it right now,
But she carried on somehow.

She finally went through the door,
It’s not like walking on the shore,
While the others are going on strike,
She’s staying with the one she likes.

See all the stories already written,
From the Deep Space to Great Britain,
Rule the World was their only plan,
To the girl, the others, and the Madman.

Her life is still a saddening bore,
She rewrote it ten times or more,
It’s about to be changed again,
But I don’t know where or when.

Inspiration : ‘Life on Mars’ song by David Bowie
Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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