The Spaceman ☄

From Planet Earth, to Outer Space,
My love is with you, no need to chase,
Like a music concert, on a Blue Monday,
You would be a heavenly Traveler today.

From the Rings System, to Black Holes,
Let’s igniting in love, with our souls,
Stars to stars, time to time,
I’m your best partner in crime.

From the Solar System, to a new Constellation,
I’ll keep you away from another domination,
I hear the sound in you, it will arise,
Like all the galaxies, behind your eyes.

From the Moon, to the Milky Way,
I promised you that I will stay,
For all the Species, old and new,
You know my Love, I do love you.

At the Pub « Ollie’s ».
Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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