2021 !

My 2021 Goals

1) « Bronze Membership » : As you know, I adopt a pup seal on the Association « Seal Rescue Ireland » every 3 or 4 months. I had already 5 seals in the Association : Moss, Tea Tree, Nightshade, Solar & Nebula. I’ll still adopt pup seals, yes, but now, every month I’ll give 5 Euros to the Association for the babies. (Seal Heroes Memberships – Bronze €5.00) As my love for the seals and the nature grows, my help grows as well !

2) « Herbivore » : Again, as you know, I am already a Vegetarian. I don’t eat any meat at all. Just sometimes some fish (Because, I love that so much !) and sometime some eggs for the proteins. But, now, I really want to do my vegetarianism better. Much better. And try to be Vegan. Slowly. It’s my goal. The most complicated will be to stop the cow milk. And, also, to stop black pudding and white pudding (Irish meal. I love that so much, as well !) I won’t be a 100% vegan. My health is too too bad for that. But, I’ll try my best and do what I can.

3) « Lacrimosa » : OK, I’ve already published 4 books in French and 1 in English ! It’s amazing for me ! But, apparently, not for everyone… For my last book (In English) on 15 books I had, I’ve only sold 1… I had to offer/give the others because I knew no one would like to buy one. Anyway, I know I’m supposed to stop writing books. But, I can’t… I’m a Writer. I have Magic… So, I’ll carry on my writing. I really want to stop losing money. I’m supposed to gain money from my work. So, thanks to a good friend, I discovered a good website for my next book. Yes, my next book ! In French ! Ahah ! « Lacrimosa », the following of my previous book « Dies Irae ». I AM SO HAPPY WITH IT ! I hope you will too…


There is a big hurricane whirlpooling in me,
It’s difficult to fight monsters I can’t see,
Trying to kill me every day and every night,
In my Darkness the Wolf turns on a light.

There is a huge fire burning deep inside of me,
Drying out all my oceans and also his sea,
I don’t care if he can’t talk, if I can’t talk,
I’ll see two blue eyes glowing in the dark.

There is a bad earthquake in my soul and my body,
Shacking up my bones and waking up our memory,
I don’t care if the ghost can be our doom,
Let me follow you and howling at the moon.

Copyright © 2020 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.


Yes, there is no rest for the wicked,
It’s an unbroken curse as they said,
But it’s a devil game I don’t want to play,
‘Cause I’m a good Witch but I lost my way.

This spell is like a heavy burden,
And even if I’m alone without any coven,
Where I go I leave such a big mess,
‘Cause I’m a walking nightmare in a pretty dress.

My cauldron always bubbles in my bedroom,
Humans walk but I prefer my broom,
Under the Moon, in the middle of the night,
I’m not afraid, ’cause black is my new white.

The curse put on me is very bitter,
They underestimated my own power,
I warn you, don’t let me in,
‘Cause the bane is under my skin.

Impetuum tuum evoco ad devorandum,*
My Magic can only bloom,
I don’t care of the freakin’ lockdown,
‘Cause, baby, you should see me in a crown.

Friday the 13th (November, 2020)
* « I call forth your attack to fire. »
Copyright © 2020 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

The World is red

Thanks to the « Drogheda Creative Writers » I had the challenge to translate my previous French poem : 
« Le Monde est rouge »
In English.
I wanted to keep the rhymes so it was more long and complicated but I did it !
Enjoy !

Nothing moves, everyone is afraid,
Since March, the World is red,
Like a prisoner in jail,
The beach is closed, so as the trail.

The hours pass so slowly,
You stay motionless, so are we,
Everything is closed, the World stops, 
Forget friends, books and shops.

Under the bright full moon,
Or in the creepy quiet afternoon,
Like everybody else, you know this is the end,
It’s a Human cause, I don’t want to offend.

More and more, you dream more,
In this World, dead and poor,
You can see the wildlife waking up,
And the wonders can follow-up,
The ones, who think they won,
Eventually, they all are gone.

Locked your life, but not your dreams,
Humans are worse than it seems,
For the « Covidiots », they publish,
But always, they’re talking rubbish,
So, stay here, and listen to the story,
About the darkness part of our history.

You want to go, escape or creep,
And the World is now asleep, 
So, you take the leap…

Die by it or by fate,
Our fault, is to wait.

Writing : 26.10.2020
Translation : 08.11.2020
Copyright © 2020 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

It’s Halloween !

It’s Halloween,
Now I’m Harley Quinn,
Come on, grab your violin,
And play for Halloween !


It’s Halloween, scream all night,
The Pumpkins turn on their lights,
Full Moon, beware the bite,
Because it’s Halloween tonight !


Halloween, time to terrorize,
Walking dead will arise,
Big party or big surprise,
Come on, it’s Halloween, guys !


Copyright © 2020 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time, there was a man,
Working very hard at his job,
Behind the bar, he is a Barman,
And spending his life in the Pub.

Once Upon A Time, a young woman,
A Writer she is, the Little Princess,
And a Mermaid, not a Human,
Spending her time with the Guinness.

Once Upon A Time, a Lockdown struck the country,
No friends, no family, all alone,
The man lost his job, the girl her Sea,
But their loneliness will soon be gone.

Once Upon A Time, at a Birthday Party,
Everything changed in one night,
Pints of beers and glass of Whiskey,
And the Princess met her White Knight.

Once Upon A Time, in Drogheda Town,
They were in love, both of them,
And waiting for the next Lockdown,
She said in French : « Je t’aime ».

Copyright © 2020 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

All of them

I wrote this poem because of a song I love so much for five years.
It’s still a very good inspiration to me.
You can listen the song here :

Mission Control – The Rising

Even the creations for the poem are five years old.
I did it myself at my graphic school in 2015.
I’m sorry for my English, it’s not perfect at all !
But, enjoy !

Dreaming every single days,
Living my life alone,
Lost inside my nightmares’ mazes,
A lockdown,
Waiting for the final wraith,
Feeling so powerless,
But somehow we are all living with faith,
Of thinking only love is success.

Counting inside the high tower,
All the people I’ve ever loved,
Happily ever after,
We were told,
All the nightmares I used to get,
And the men I have ever met,
But somehow we are all living with fear,
Of shredding another tear.

Thinking only love is success,
In the nightmares in progress,
Going somewhere we can hide,
I’ll stay forever on their side,
Tell me the words and I’ll follow you,
We’ll go together where you want to.

Copyright © 2020 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Baby Bibi ♥

My friend Dermot gave me a challenge :
Writing a joyful poem about my dog, my Little Wolf. About our lives together.
So, I did…

Enjoy our adventures.

We were on many adventures him and I,
Lot of sunny days, storm or some cloudy sky,
He hated the rain, just as I hate the sun,
So we stayed inside and we had a lot of fun,
We used to watch TV, lay down on the couch,
And he used to comfort me, when I was such a grouch.

I cooked for him lovely soup and fried salmon,
When my friends came, I introduce him as my son,
We had many road trips together in my own car,
Nine hours driving, we went very very far,
Woke up at four am, just a time for a little pee,
And then we were alone on the road, just him and me.

Once, we climbed a very little mountain,
When he was exhausted, I carried him to the train,
We took a boat to go on a lovely small island,
He walked into the forest and played a lot in the sand,
We visited a haunted place on a very cloudy day,
But we were so afraid, we screamed and ran away.

He used to fart during the day and snore all the night,
But I liked the noise of him, meaning he was alright,
He spent all Christmas on my knees, waiting for the food,
Chicken, chips, vegetables too, but he loved more seafood,
He had many many gifts under the big Christmas tree,
On Halloween he wore a costume, he was kind of creepy.

A hound attacked him, when we walked on a street,
I protected my baby and hit the other with my feet,
Every winter, we were freezing in my place,
We used to sleep together, laying face to face,
He used to follow me, from the kitchen to the bed,
Always looking at me and raising up his little head.

Bidule : 04.11.2007 / 22.06.2020 (13 years old)

Copyright © 2020 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

My Little Wolf ♥

In the South of France, where the house stands age-old,
I can see all our ghosts,
The ones who were nice and the ones who were cold,
And the one I loved the most.

The one who just died of old age,
My Little Wolf is gone,
There I won’t ever turn the page,
For that matter, my sorrow has won.

And I never wanted to lose him,
Never wanted to abandon him.

I cry through the day,
And sobbing in the night, through the water of the rain,
For weeks and weeks, and again on Monday,
Keeping inside my grief and pain.

And I never wanted to lose him,
Never wanted to abandon him.

In the South of France, where the sun is shining,
Where my birds have fled,
One day there, you will hear me sadly sing,
Crying my baby is dead.

And I never wanted to lose him,
Never wanted to abandon him.

Bidule : 04.11.2007 / 22.06.2020 (13 years old)

I Love You, Little Wolf.

25.06.2020 (Myself)
26.06.2020 (Corrections & help by Dermot)
Copyright © 2020 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.