Paranoia is in the Game,
The owner has no sense of shame,
They’ll try to push us to madness in the cold,
And they don’t care about the spreading mold.

Another visit, another Reaping,
Another threat to stop the Uprising,
And all the sinking water that I have to wipe,
The endless flood going through the pipe.

Interchanging Quarter Quell,
Let the Mockingjay rose and fell,
If I could flick the switch and use my bow,
Some of their blood could taint the snow.

It’s time to have our houses back,
Before to die together in a shack,
You know you can walk side by side with me,
If we met at midnight in the Hanging Tree.

Inspiration : ‘Uprising’ song by Muse.
Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.


I never thought,
That I will be caught,
With someone just like you,
You made me smile,
I wanted to comply,
And we don’t need to argue.

I’ve opened my heart,
It’s been torn apart,
Don’t play the hero with me.
I know your power,
We can be braver,
Evil is the new sexy.

I won’t leave you,
I know all your past,
I won’t leave you,
You’ll be loved at last,
I’ll smile for you,
The World is a blast.

Now, I will save,
The one that I crave,
From the dirty glass prison,
After a panic attack,
I will come back,
And save you from the demon.

You have a conscience,
Just selective vengeance,
An interchanging mind control.
You’re under my skin,
The Devil within,
Do you have no soul ?

Together for a while,
Don’t forget to smile.

Inspiration : ‘Won’t Stand Down’ song by Muse.
Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Wrong Timeline

If you’re having problems in your space and time,
I’m in the wrong Timeline and that nightmare is mine.

I’m playing violin in twenty twenty-five,
Feel the song like the song is alive,
Lost in Scotland a second time,
Here is the mountain we wish to climb,
Cadair Idris in Wales, I wrote it already,
Wrong Timeline, so when are we ?

A crack in the wall in front of my eyes,
The stars and the galaxies will arise,
Looking for Whiskey, ’cause I don’t want to fight,
Oh, I don’t want it but twenty eleven is tonight.
Jem comes with me but my friends will stay outside,
It’s a wrong Timeline and we are in the Upside.

Feel the drunkenness like broken bones,
Change the Time and unleash the drones,
Looking to Armagh, but I don’t want to go,
Oh, I won’t jump then I take a bow,
Paris with them is an endless nightmare,
Wrong Timeline and it’s bloody unfair.

Inspiration : ’99 Problems’ Song by Hugo.
Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved

Dark Stars 💫

One drop makes you screaming,
And one drop makes you sleep,
And the pints that I’m drinking,
Show me the cosmos very deep,
Go and ask the Knights,
Before they’ll start their fights.

And if you go chasing galaxies,
And you know you’re going to die,
Hide yourself in the flying cities,
And wait for the very bad guy,
Stay with him,
I left just on a whim.

When the Master on the Command Shuttle,
Come and tell you where to go,
Take your weapon to break the skull,
And your love will start to grow,
Come and ask me,
Why I’m strangely happy.

When Spaceships on the lightspeed,
Have fallen brightly dead,
And the Red King is starting to bleed,
He understands why he’s so afraid,
Remember what he once said :
« Take my hand,
Take my hand. »

Inspiration : « White Rabbit », song by Jefferson Airplane.
Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.


(The new year inspires me strangely…)

I rewatch a million time,
My best lover in crime,
There is no life in your Universe,
But it could be worse.

Your skin feels so cold,
You will never grow old,
A part of you can love me,
But you’re just a Zombie.

Every day with you, it’s like Halloween,
And once you’re King, I’ll be Queen,
You are free from the pain,
While you’re eating a brain.

Your eyes are frozen blue,
And your lips are cold too,
Your skin and hair are white ivory,
Because you’re still a Zombie.

You’re a brain dealer and a killer,
You’re a black and white gangster,
You have a heart and I love it,
Sometimes I can feel it beat.

While your kisses cut like ice,
I’m surprised to feel it nice,
Kissing me and drinking Whiskey,
But, you’re still a Zombie.

I’ve become just like you,
My eyes are frozen blue,
My skin is as white as snow,
And my mind wants to blow,
I’m alive and I’m also dead,
While I’m shredding a head,
You’ve taught me how to kill,
How to eat brains and to live,
On the outside, I’m alive and happy,
But now I’m a Zombie.

Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Matt Attacks

I’m in a Loop and my mind is trapped,
Hiding in the Palace but it has been hacked,
I’m thinking of you, no one can see,
All the Triggers that are killing me.

I’m trying to change the time and space,
But in the end I always see your face,
I’m hitting the floor and I’m dreaming,
Of my Zombie when the night times come creeping.

Don’t come back,
Don’t come back,
Let me live with my Pack.
Don’t love me,
Don’t kiss me,
Let me out with my crew,
I can paddle my own canoe.

I’m feeling the love,
And the Angels above,
But we want to cause mayhem,
We all know you’re jealous of them.

I see your pure and white soul,
Sucking up inside the black hole,
I’ll carry the burden and take the fight,
And when I’m done I will write.

Don’t come back,
Don’t come back,
Let me love all of the bad,
You know we all are mad.
Don’t miss me,
Don’t kiss me,
I need you out of my head,
Because we all are dead.

26.12.2022 in « Ollie’s Pub ».
Inspiration : ‘Pressure’ by Muse.
Copyright © 2022 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

He is

He is alive and he is dead,
He is fearless and he is afraid,
He is platinum an he is brown,
He is up and he is down.

He is a Villain and he is a Hero,
He is a friend and he is a foe,
He is music and he is silence,
He is Magic and he is Science.

What can I do when he is about to die ?
Should I scream or should I cry ?
I know he is also gonna die,
I’ll save him, I’ll have to try.

He is an open book and a mystery,
He is nice and he is naughty,
He is young and he is old,
He is hot and he is cold.

He is drunk and he is sober,
He is an uncle and he is a father,
He is a gangster and he is a spy,
He is immortal and he is gonna die.

Tell me why am I,
So tired to try ?
To hijack my dreams,
Die choking on our screams…

Copyright © 2022 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Knights of Kasterborous

I was running around the planet,
Just my clothes on my back,
I thought I saw a comet,
And almost had a heart attack.

The comet was a blue box,
With a Mad Man on his side,
I asked ‘Are you a warlock ?
Why is it bigger on the inside ?’

So tell me, my weird stranger,
Will we travel together ?
‘Cause my body is tired of running,
And my soul just wants to Zing.*

We have traveled, we have fought,
We have crossed all the space,
I’ve seen Aliens, I’ve seen Robots,
And they triggered my shocked face.

Now, we are listening to our songs,
Because you have to die too,
But my Muse is too strong,
And the Uprising will come true.

So, let me in, my Mad Man,
Come on, what’s your plan ?
‘Cause my heart is tired to fight,
And my love just wishes to bright.

You took me in and you showed me,
All the beauty in the Time,
Eleven years later, so strangely,
My memories are back in rhymes.

But a Space Man forgets each foe,
Each fall, each death, each colossus,
And the Human Woman has to follow,
The Knights of Kasterborous.

*The ‘Zing’ from the movie ‘Hotel Transylvania’ it’s that moment when you know you have found the one true love in your life.
Inspiration : The song ‘Love Don’t Roam’ by Neil Hannon.
Copyright © 2022 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.


I don’t care if Monday’s blue,
Tuesday’s sunny, and Wednesday’s too,
Happy stuffs on Thursday to do,
Friday wonderful is to prove untrue,
Everybody wants the weekend to travel through.

But months are devil’s paradise,
No matter if you’re naughty or nice,
Feeling like rolling a dice,
Better to have to think twice,
Because being alive has a price.

I don’t care if the week will shine,
Magic comes when the stars align,
Feeling a shiver down my spine,
Because Death is absolutely not fine,
I wish to be like Frankenstein.

Another Frankenstein’s poem : Dr Alisone Frankenstein (English)

Copyright © 2022 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Wake Me Up When November Ends

Halloween has come and passed,
Slow and slow and then so fast,
Wake me up when November ends.

For my little Wolf’s Birthday,
I’ll paint the Irish sky in gray,
Wake me up when November ends.

Here comes the PTSD again,
I know why but don’t know when,
Wake me up when November ends.

At school, playing my Violin,
For the exams I’ll have to win,
Wake me up when November ends.

As my memories flow,
I’m waiting for the snow,
Wake me up when November ends.

The nights are short and scary,
Oh, and Hell is following me,
Wake me up when November ends.

Knock me off with all my pills,
The Guinness is drunk and spills,
Wake me up when November ends.

Halloween has come and passed,
The Irish Sea can never last,
Wake me up when November ends.

Copyright © 2022 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.