Anchor ⚓

At the moment, I can’t ‘anchor’ myself, always hiding in another reality, into the songs and in my Mind Palace. I publish things that I delete a few days later.
I delete everything again and again.
Totally lost in the void.
Thankfully, I have a song that can help me to anchor myself somewhere.
‘One In A Million’ by Midnight To Monaco.
It helps, but I still need a better anchor.
So, I wrote a French poem ‘Ancrage’ about it and I translated it into English.
Here we go !
(English is not my mother tongue, I’m sorry if you notice some mistakes)

Please, can you drop anchor,
On the Danube’s frozen harbor ?
The Alps Mountain is slipping,
And our fall is coming.

Can you anchor me outside ?
Under the dust and the snowslide,
Behind a shield, red and blue,
During World War Two.

I’ll dance on the sand, as your bride,
The anchors, on Constanța’s seaside,
Before our countries will shake,
My Soldier, stay with me, awake.

Don’t cast anchor in Manchuria,
Our Triggers feed our traumas,
We’re all mad here, even when,
We are singing : ‘We’ll Meet Again’.

Drop anchor in my Mansion,
Let turn the white into crimson,
Inside a silver metal bunker,
My Mind Palace is scattered.

Anchor me to the frozen train,
In every nightmares inside my brain,
The blood flows through our hands,
Memories of No Man’s Land.

Cast anchor into my cries,
Or into your steel blue eyes,
In the shadow of the red star,
Until the end of the war.

Written : 26.06.2022
Translate : 10.07.2022
Copyright © 2022 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Alisone’s Adventures in Underland

I eat my lunch in a deli,
Wonder if I’m hungry,
Receiving my notice for an eviction,
No apartment, we are done,
Searching for a bloody place,
This is the end, prepare to brace.

I get home, looking for fun,
But my violin is broken,
No money for my Guinness,
I’m not ready for loneliness.
Tonight I’ll jump in Wonderland,
Fly with me to ‘bounty land’.

You got it, I gotta stay out,
No cry, no shout,
Out, night and day,
From midnight to midday,
A full breakdown,
Spend my days locked in my brain,
Trying to forget all my pain,
Out, with a red crown.

Now I write all the time,
A story I wish will be mine,
Living in a bloody street,
Place makes me creep,
No computer, no cell phone,
Who cares ? I’m already gone.

Staying in my play pretend,
Wonderland is my end,
Reading and writing,
You will be my king,
Swing from the chandelier,
We’re all mad here.

You got it, I gotta stay out,
To stop the burnout,
Out, night and day,
From midnight to midday,
A full breakdown,
Spend my days locked in a maze,
Trying to find my way,
Out, with a red gown.

Written : 10.03.2022
Corrected by Dermot : 27.03.2022
Inspiration : ‘Stay High’ by Habits.
‘Bounty Land’ : Reference to the song ‘Lollipop (Candyman)’ by Aqua.
Red Crown : Reference to the ‘Red Queen’ in ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’.
Copyright © 2022 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Bye Bye Constanța

Once upon a time, long ago,
I can still feel the snow,
And how the cold made me happy,
I knew that as long as you are with me,
Together we’ll survive until tomorrow.

But Austria scared me,
Same when you enlisted in the Army,
The War was at every border,
Killing so many of our Soldiers.

The Danube River under us,
Crossing the Alps was dangerous,
There, I became your bride,
The day the World died.

Now, Bye bye my beautiful Constanța,
Took the train to France but France isn’t Romania,
And together in the car we were drinking Whiskey and Țuică,
Far away from Siberia,
From the Danube to the Volga.

Did you read the book by Richard Condon* ?
On our way to England, to London,
I know, the train stopped in Germany,
It was time for us, together, to flee,
My autumn was your winter,
And our dream was bigger.

And now, I know that we love each other,
The Halloween Witch and the Winter Soldier,
We both danced on the Black Sea,
Feeling the slow creeping of the Century.

We were young and foolish,
Speaking Romanian and gibberish,
One morning, celebrating Yuletide,
I know I had to stay by your side,
The day the World died.

Now, Bye bye my lovely Romania,
Took the train to Paris but Paris isn’t Constanța,
And together in the car we were drinking Whiskey and Țuică,
Far away from Siberia,
Passing through bad Vienna.

Months later, we received our assignment,
Shipping out to the Italian front,
Azzano was a fiery Hell,
Before being thrown in a cell,
In Kreischberg, they flew the Nazi flags,
And read your name on your dog tags.

While our enemies were looking away,
I used my Magic and I won the day,
I freed you from the creepy Bunker,
What did they do to my Soldier ?
Everything turned from red to black,
And the place was invaded by Cossacks,
So we fought with our pack,
And then, I cried,
The day the World died.

Now, Bye bye my beautiful Constanța,
Took the train to France but France isn’t Romania,
And together in the car we were drinking Whiskey and Țuică,
Far away from Siberia,
From the Danube to the Volga.

Yeah, bye bye to our old country,
Farewell dear comrades in the army,
Going on, a thousand miles away,
Still on a train, on Monday,
Running to a hiding place on an island,
Here we go, welcomed in Ireland.

You’re my Sergeant, stay with me,
We are dancing on the Irish Sea,
Growing old under the Irish Sky,
Singing : ‘Bye bye, Miss American pie’

Yes, Bye bye my beautiful Constanța,
Took the train to France but France isn’t Romania,
And together in the car we were drinking Whiskey and Țuică,
Far away from Siberia,
From Bucharest to Drogheda…


Meaning :
The story takes place in 1943, in Constanța (Romania). One lovely couple lived there, close to the Black Sea, until War World II struck the country. The man enlisted in the Army. So did the woman (Using her Magic). But then, the ‘World died’ (The Axis lost. Romania had initially been a member of the Axis powers but switched allegiance on August 23, 1944.) But, our couple wanted to fight with the Allies from the beginning. So they had to flee their own country by train. Crossing through all the war zones (Hungary, Austria, Germany & France) alongside the Danube River. They married each other on the train, while passing the Alps Mountains. At the front of Azzano (Italy) they fell into a trap made by the enemies and they became war prisoners. The Witch saved her Husband (Using her Magic again) and they fought with their Regiment against the Nazis. They couldn’t go back to Romania, so they took a train to the British Islands. And they are still staying, hidden, in Ireland.
Singing and dancing.
Inspiration :
‘American Pie’ – Don McLean.
* Richard Condon : ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ Book.
Poem written :
Corrected by Dermot : 27.09.2021
Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.


It was covered by snow,
And the white was a flaming glow.
Far over, the foggy mountains cold, in a hidden bunker our next battle takes place. I could hear the sound of the ice falling way down below. And I thought that I heard him scream.
Also, I could see the wonderful and powerful Altai Mountains in the corner of my eye.
Yes. But…
The air smelt like death and gunpowder. From our own weapons. Our little group has always been fighting. We made the bullets fly, we made them rain.
Then came the Iron Warrior, and the war began.
As long as I can use my Magic, I could try to save him from revenge.
But, then… The floor turned into crimson red and I used myself as a shield to protect him.
I stared into his ocean eyes. Those steel blue eyes let you know what love is.
I did shout my spell from the top of my lungs :
‘Ic þe þurhhæle þin licsare !’
A sudden frozen faintness did whirlpool in me,
Like a lost little girl on a modern ecstasy,
The carmine star faded into the silver snow, and the intense frost hit us all.
The weight of the century makes him scream,
What if all these fantasies were just a dream ?
Remember us.
Remember me.
I remember all of them.

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.


My nightmare is bigger,
It’s bigger than my power,
But you are with me,
Together as soldiers in the army,
Or dancing with the tides,
And drowning in your ocean eyes.

That’s us in the Darkness,
In the cold of Bucharest,
Losing my memories,
For our new cities,
Here we are, now,
I don’t remember how.

I can hear you laughing,
I can see you dancing,
On the Black Sea,
Just you and me.

Every triggers,
Of every orders,
Are washing away on the shore,
And, now, we can love more,
I’ll take care of you,
Eyes of ocean blue.

When the reality is coming back,
The colors are fading into dark,
Now, I can hear you scream,
Because it was just a dream.

Associated Poem : « On the Seas of the World »
Inspiration : « Losing my Religion » – Version BeLL.
Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.


First things first, I just want to say,
There’s nothing to keep the pain away,
Always writing everything in my stories,
The words are screaming in my diaries.

I was broken from a young age,
Keeping my free spirit in the cage,
When the drugs numbed my brain,
I could feel the triggers in my veins.

Second things second, about the pain,
It’s much worse between the mountains,
With the cold, the frost and the snow,
I’ve almost fallen way down below.

I was all alone, in the wild white,
Crying and praying, until the night,
And even now, everything is just the same,
Why should I be the only one to blame ?

Last things last, they made me angry,
So, now, I’m the Pirate of my sea.
It’s a nightmare, I’m just a ghost,
To the people I loved the most.

Now, by all the rage in my Magic,
I swear your death will be tragic,
Finally, my foes, my pain is revealed,
And I’m not the one hiding behind the shield.

July 2021
Inspiration : « Believer » – Imagine Dragons.
Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Until the end (French & English)

Until the end

Tous leurs mots ont détruit ton esprit,
Et tu dois te battre encore pour ta vie,
Ta liberté disparaît dans tes veines,
Et t’endors dans la torture et la peine,
Tu vois le jour où tu auras cent ans,
Quand le Monde s’éteindra lentement,

Mais comment tu fais pour t’endormir sans moi ?
Mais comment je fais pour m’endormir sans toi ?

Je passe mon temps dans les Pubs le jour,
Je n’ai pas l’envie de retrouver un amour,
Je pense et je prie tout le temps pour toi,
L’espoir est parti, ici tout est triste et froid,
Là-bas, je sais, tu luttes encore en secret,
Mais tu n’en reviendras donc jamais ?

J’écrirai encore et encore seulement pour toi,
Tu me raconteras encore et encore pour moi.

Je revis nos combats et nos chaos,
Je revois nos souvenirs en photos,
Je revis notre mort et notre vie,
J’imagine notre âme qui se guérit.

Inspiration : Chanson « Un Ange à ma table » Indochine – La République des Meteors.

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

« Je reviendrai fou fou mais sauf pour toi »

Until the end

All their words destroyed your spirit,
And you still have to fight for your life,
Your freedom is vanishing in your veins,
You fall asleep in torture and pain,
You see the day you’ll turn 100 years old,
The World will consume itself very slowly,

How can you sleep without me ?
How can I sleep without you ?

I spend my days in the Pubs,
I don’t have the time to find another love,
I think and I pray everyday for you,
My hope is gone, everything is dead and cold,
Over there I know, you fight again in secret,
Will you ever come back home ?

I’ll write again and again just for you,
You’ll tell me everything over and over for me.

I can see our fights and our chaos,
I can see our memories in photos,
I can see our deaths and our lives,
I can see our souls healing.

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

On the Seas of the World

Translation from my French poem :
« Sur les Mers du Monde »

Can you take me dancing tonight,
On the Irish Sea or on the Black Sea ?
Lying down on the sand, together,
In front of the merciless waves.

The World belongs to the people,
Who can see the Magic all the time,
Losing ourselves in the starry sky,
Let’s travel to the Wild East.

Will you run next to me,
On all the Constanța’s beaches ?
Can we sleep on the sea foam ?
And howl at the Moon ?

The World belongs to the people,
Who can see the Magic in our eyes,
From Laytown’s shore, to Tuzla’s,
You and me, together, we’ll survive.

Can we turn on the candles,
On all the Danube’s coasts ?
Do you want to dance on the waves,
On all the Seas of the World ?

The Earth belongs to the Humans,
Who will travel in our train,
Just like a last journey,
Before dancing on our beaches.

In French : 02.07.2021
Translation in English : 07.07.2021
Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Bidule 1

Bidule – 1 an (Français)

Un an, et déjà douze lunes,
À écrire ton nom avec mes runes,
Mon petit loup, comme le temps passe,
De ton beau soleil, à ma douce glace.

Oh mon bébé, où es-tu parti ?
J’ai besoin de le savoir, oui,
Est-ce un endroit que tu aimes ?
Est-ce un endroit comme dans mes poèmes ?

J’essaye toujours de rester occupée,
Car la Terre est vide, désormais,
C’est ainsi, je me repose près de ta tombe,
Peut-être qu’un jour, je m’ouvrirai au Monde.

Bidule – 1 year (English)

One year and twelve moons,
I write your name with my runes,
My little wolf, time flies,
I still have teardrops in my eyes.

Oh my baby, where did you go ?
Please tell me, I need to know,
Is this a place where you are safe ?
Is this a place where I can see your face ?

I’m still trying to stay busy,
Because now, the World is empty,
I stay close to your grave,
And I’ll promise you, to be brave.

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.


I’m invisible, everywhere I go,
I’m like a ghost, or a shadow,
I can hear the whispers, going to me,
When they talk, they beg deeply,
That I must not kill you,
But, I heard that too.

I’m invisible, and it’s a bad dream,
Like the ones I have, I can’t scream,
On screen, or in real life,
The only thing you see is my knife,
With the good words, the good trigger,
He can turn me into a killer.

I’m invisible, all day long,
In the town, where I belong,
As usual, the respect is dead,
That’s why the World is red,
Like the snow, melting on a sunny day,
I’m kind of radioactive in my way.

So, I’m invisible, yes, it’s true,
And I swear I won’t kill you,
I’m not like that anymore,
My mantra is ‘Nevermore’,
Just talk to me, one more time,
While I’m waiting for the Wintertime.

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.