It’s A Brand New World / C’est Un Tout Nouveau Monde

It’s A Brand New World

We are always alone to fight,
And outside, everything is white,
The Universe is indifferent to you,
But, please, you can’t die too.

From the top of the last hope,
Working on the slippery slope,
The worst of it is not the snow,
The Human Boss is our foe.

Please, stay locked at your place,
I will fight, prepare to brace,
You can’t die, not today,
Only you know the way.

The Winter is our new song,
And the show must go on,
Blood is demanded on board,
But we don’t have a Lord.

Triggers flood my brain,
I see the Witches again,
Is the lockdown to blame ?
Will we ever be the same ?

C’est Un Tout Nouveau Monde

Nous repousserons nos attaquants,
Même si dehors, tout est blanc,
Je sais que l’Univers t’oublie,
Mais ne meurt pas toi aussi.

Aux commandes de nos espoirs,
Aux rails gelés de nos cauchemars,
Mais le pire n’est pas la neige,
Mais l’Homme qui attend le cortège.

Reste ici, enfermé sur place,
J’irai seule affronter la glace,
Notre ennemi ne te tuera pas,
Ah, quel hiver, j’étais juste derrière toi.

Le gel sera notre nouveau couplet,
Et le spectacle doit continuer,
Le sang coule en nos lieux,
Mais nous n’avons aucun Dieu.

Les images inondent mon âme,
De nos Sorcières dans les flammes,
Aux confinements que personne n’aime,
Serons-nous toujours les mêmes ?

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Where did you go ?

I walk alone, in an empty World,
I know the pain, my heart is burned,
I feel the hole, inside my chest,
And I only know where you rest.

Oh my baby, where did you go ?
I need something, so please let me know,
And please tell me, when I must leave,
I feel so old and I cannot grieve.

I walk again, close to the sea,
I remember it was where you liked to be,
I hit the road, but on my own,
Wondering now where you have gone.

Oh my baby, why did you leave ?
I’m getting tired and I need something to believe,
So tell me when, I’m gonna see you ?
I’m getting mad and I need a simple clue.

Oh my baby, where did you go ?
I need something, so please let me know,
Is this a place where you are safe ?
Is this a place where I can see your face ?

I Love You, Little Wolf.
Bidule : 4.11.2007 – 22.06.2020 (13 years old)
Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Forget Me Not – English & French

Forget Me Not
(Full Moon – English)

When the full moon rises into the sky,
I am going out to pray and to cry,
‘Cause I don’t know who I am,
And I don’t know who I’ve been,
And I only can play it on my violin.

When the full moon shines in the dark,
I follow my memories with my pack,
‘Cause I can’t read my books,
And I don’t know where I’ll go,
But I think it’s somewhere down below.

In your real World,
No magic allowed,
No one can see,
Nor remember me.
In your sick Earth,
No mighty birth,
Time is dying,
So I want to sing :

When the full moon dies at sunrise,
The ghosts can see all my cries,
And I remember what I lost,
But I don’t know who I’ll be,
And I can’t bring it back home with me.

Forget Me Not
(Full Moon – French)

Quand la pleine lune se lève dans le ciel,
Je pleure et je prie pour elle,
Car je ne sais pas qui je suis,
Et je ne sais pas qui j’ai été,
Alors je prends mon violon pour le jouer.

Quand la pleine lune brille dans le noir,
J’erre avec ma meute pour ma mémoire,
Car je ne peux plus lire mes livres,
Et je ne sais pas où ils me mènent,
Mais je sais que j’y vais quand même.

Dans votre Monde,
La Magie tombe,
Personne ne me verra,
Ni ne se souviendra de moi.
Sur votre planète malade,
Vos âmes se paradent,
Le Temps est mourant,
Je peux chanter maintenant :

Quand la pleine lune meurt à l’aurore,
Les esprits m’écoutent encore,
Et je me souviens de ce que j’ai perdu,
Mais j’ignore qui je serai,
Juste que je ne peux rien ramener.

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

British Men of Letters

There lived a lovely man in London, long ago,
He was nice and cute, and his heart couldn’t say « No »,
Most people looked at him with pity and with joke,
But to me only, he was such a charming folk.

He could recite his books just by heart,
Full of joy and Whiskey,
Because he was also kind of smart,
That people wanted to be.

He led Kendricks Academy and never mind the Demons,
And in battles he fought well with his guns,
In all affairs of fights he was the man to question,
But he was real sad when he had to leave London.

For the headmistress, he was only an orphan,
Though she knew the test he passed,
She believed he was her own pawn,
Who couldn’t blast.

« You know Mick must die » declared his enemies,
But only me, begged : « Don’t you dare to do it, please ! »
No doubt my dear Mick had lots of hidden friends,
But they were so selfish and they provoked our ends.

Then one night, the Killer agreed to obey,
Set a trap, the headmistress was to blame,
« Come to see us », she had to say,
And Mick sadly came.

Oh no, Mick Davies,
May your soul rest in peace,
They accused him of treason,
He should not have left London.

Oh no, my dear Mick,
Those villains make me sick,
They didn’t want you to quit, just your head,
And so they shot you until you were dead.

Break the Code,
And follow your road.
Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.


I am ice,
Born on a frozen rock,
Am I bad or nice ?
Am I the key or the lock ?

I am the Ice Queen,
Friend with the cold,
And the monsters unseen,
In my frozen World.

To the frostbite,
I am the snow,
Stealing the light,
To Jötunheimr down below.

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Dr Alisone Frankenstein (English)

By her magic, she’s mixing,
With her witchy powers,
And the science, adding,
The four elements, with thunder,
And her violin as electric lightning.

All the spells, all the five,
Bring back the dog to her,
The past falls and dives,
She plays the song, as a mother,
To say that her son is alive.

Translation : 07.02.2021
French here !
Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Back to the past

Hear me, casting a spell,
When my music can tell,
In the blue bedroom of mine,
Once Upon A Time…

One, two, three and four,
The Past is knocking at my door,
From the Futur, this week,
I will find what I seek.

Teenage love is filling the room,
But it died too soon,
Is it because of my another name ?
Or is it the memories to blame ?

Find the Book at any cost,
But I think I’m already Lost,
Travels don’t fear the Reaper,
How soon is now, Father ?

Fifteen years ago,
A Bad World, as above, so below,
But the music, loud and clear,
My deepest memories come to bear,
« When I was a child,
I was a Jedi. »

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

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There is a big hurricane whirlpooling in me,
It’s difficult to fight monsters I can’t see,
Trying to kill me every day and every night,
In my Darkness the Wolf turns on a light.

There is a huge fire burning deep inside of me,
Drying out all my oceans and also his sea,
I don’t care if he can’t talk, if I can’t talk,
I’ll see two blue eyes glowing in the dark.

There is a bad earthquake in my soul and my body,
Shacking up my bones and waking up our memory,
I don’t care if the ghost can be our doom,
Let me follow you and howling at the moon.

Copyright © 2020 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.