My dear friends

Oh, my dear friends, have you seen my Traveler tonight ?
Is he drinking in the Pub or is he starting up a fight ?
Oh, my dear friends, is he wearing his black hoodie ?
Is he nice to you or is he starting to be naughty ?

Tell me, have you seen him because I can’t wait,
We are supposed to go on a date,
I just want to be,
In the stars, him and me,
Or dancing on the sea.

Oh, my dear friends, he will meet me very soon,
We will go somewhere on Earth or maybe on the Moon,
Oh, my dear friends, does he have blond or brown hair ?
I will meet him, but I don’t know when or where.

Tell me, have you seen him because I’m grumpy,
He is too cute and too yummy,
I just want to go,
To the stars he does know,
For a very long time ago.

At the Pub « Sarsfield’s » during the ‘Drogheda Creative Writers’ session.
Inspiration : ‘If u seek Amy’ by Britney Spears.
Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

The Spaceman ☄

From Planet Earth, to Outer Space,
My love is with you, no need to chase,
Like a music concert, on a Blue Monday,
You would be a heavenly Traveler today.

From the Rings System, to Black Holes,
Let’s igniting in love, with our souls,
Stars to stars, time to time,
I’m your best partner in crime.

From the Solar System, to a new Constellation,
I’ll keep you away from another domination,
I hear the sound in you, it will arise,
Like all the galaxies, behind your eyes.

From the Moon, to the Milky Way,
I promised you that I will stay,
For all the Species, old and new,
You know my Love, I do love you.

At the Pub « Ollie’s ».
Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Real Or Not Real ?

The story is a strange nightmare,
For the girl with the long brown hair,
And the new one told her to stay,
But she has already lost her way.

The World is a horrible scream,
Yelling inside a drunken dream,
He’s nowhere and she can’t find,
The Traveler inside her own Mind.

Because her life is a saddening bore,
She changed it twenty times or more,
She can end it right now,
But she carried on somehow.

She finally went through the door,
It’s not like walking on the shore,
While the others are going on strike,
She’s staying with the one she likes.

See all the stories already written,
From the Deep Space to Great Britain,
Rule the World was their only plan,
To the girl, the others, and the Madman.

Her life is still a saddening bore,
She rewrote it ten times or more,
It’s about to be changed again,
But I don’t know where or when.

Inspiration : ‘Life on Mars’ song by David Bowie
Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Guess What ?

The first time I saw you, I did blink,
But the second time, I couldn’t think,
You reminded me of someone I knew,
And I couldn’t stop falling for you.

But I know something is wrong,
Especially when I’m listening to our song,
‘Cause I feel this deep feeling in my mind,
To the others, you make me blind.

The next time I’ll see you,
I will become anew,
I’m not the same as eleven years ago,
You saw what I did to grow…
You asked me « Are you married ? »
My friend told you : « She’s what you need. »
The next time we hang out, I’ll do a French Kiss,
And I promise, you won’t resist,
Our wedding will be such a bliss.

I got those mad feelings deep inside,
And you know I’m not able to decide,
I’m not a Time Lord, I’m a Mind Reader,
And I love to call you « The Master ».

The last time I was blind,
Because he distracted my mind,
I did shut my eyes when you came there,
And I seriously didn’t care.
So, my friend said « You need to watch it. »
But my Palace did split,
My heart can’t rest until then,
I can’t wait to see you again.

At the Pub « Ollie’s »
Song Inspiration : ‘See You Again’ by Miley Cyrus.
Video Inspiration : Doctor Who – See You Again (Doctor/Master) by Lucy Saxon.
First correction by The Guv.
Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

A Strange Noise

There is a strange noise inside my head,
Probably because of something he said,
Should I shut it down ? I Can’t Decide,
But I swear to you that I tried.

There is a strange noise inside my soul,
Coming through the Supermassive Time Hole,
The rhythm might be perfect for my Music,
But the sound makes us very sick.

There is a strange noise inside my brain,
I can hear it, and I can feel his pain,
Louder and louder, until the End,
Nothing that a thousand Pints can mend.

The strange noise starts when he is around,
The never-ending drum beat, that’s the sound,
Louder and louder, so here it comes,
Can you hear it ? The Sound of Drums…

At the Ollie’s Pub.
Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.


I’m just a Human girl, I didn’t see a lot,
But you came along and my heart did stop,
You looked at me and asked me to come with you,
And I said ‘Yes’, because I wanted it too.

You kissed me and you’re under my skin,
I don’t know how, but everytime you win,
Just because you have immortality,
My lovely Traveler, you put your love in me.

You trapped me into your cold hazel eyes,
You’re evil, you’re everything but wise,
You and me, me and you in space,
My bad bad Traveler, do not change your face.

So now, my love, I’m totally new,
I’m the only one to be in your crew,
Sing for me and come in my nightmare,
My lovely Traveler, please just stay there.

Inspiration : ‘My Angel Put the Devil in Me’ Song by Murray Gold.
06.03.2023 // In « Ollie’s ».
Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Don’t Go

Tell me how does it feel,
To be mad and so sweet,
When the Vortex did reveal,
The never ending drumbeat.

I thought I was lost again,
I thought I heard you say,
That my heart stopped at Ten,
While you’re singing ‘Blue Monday’.

Those who can live in this Timeline,
Are living a full life,
But your time is lost, and mine,
Will end up in a strife.

I still find it so hard,
To think like I think,
The Lords took you of guard,
And my mind keeps the link.

I see a spaceship in the sky,
And I can hear you scream,
When all the stars will die,
It’s just a misfortune dream.

And I thought I was alive,
But we lost our homes,
When you made England thrive,
And say ‘Here come the drums’.

I thought I told you to hide,
You and me, by the sea,
How does it feel to stride,
When you share your hearts with me.

Inspiration : ‘Blue Monday’ Song by New Order.
Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

I Can’t Decide

It’s not easy choosing a song in the morning,
I only know it will be English,
Copying their accent, that I wish,
And every day I’m writing and playing,
I feel like I’m in a Loop again,
Like a repeat button in my brain.

I can’t decide,
Don’t ask me to pick a side,
You’ll probably go in the stars,
The other will play with his guitars,
I can’t decide,
My heart is dead inside,
It’s cold and sore, and yes, you know,
Lock the doors, I want to go,
We’re going for a ride.

It’s a nightmare to be the last in Time,
If you stop now, I’ll come with you,
Even to Midnight if I have to,
Just like some partners in crime,
Or feeling the Pressure with my violin,
I Won’t Stand Down and we’ll win.

I can’t decide,
I’m lost and petrified,
We’ll save the World next night,
And we’ll fight to ignite,
I can’t decide,
Whether I should laugh or cry,
Your home is a million stars,
And I have his glittering red guitar,
And I can’t decide,
But you know that I tried.

Inspiration : ‘I Can’t Decide’ Song by Scissor Sisters.
Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

I can save you

Take my hand, I can bring you back to the living,
No more night terrors and no more drowning,
Lose your anger, the World won’t fall apart,
My love in your life can cure your broken heart.

Don’t you die on me, you deserve redemption,
You are always all alone, too much rejection,
I have what you need, come join my crew,
I can save you.

You need to leave the sand, the cliffs and the water,
I’ll bring you to the hospital for your pacemaker,
Trust me, you will feel no pain anymore,
Come join my Palace, you have your own door.

Most of the people want to see you die,
But on the inside, you’re the greatest guy,
I know this feeling, it’s nothing new,
I can save you.

The pain is controlling you,
The fear can’t be true,
I can save you.

Inspiration ‘Compliance’ song by ‘Muse’.
Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.


It was a long time ago,
At school, I was dying,
He came there to sing,
And to take a bow.

I re-write all my story,
With my imaginary friend,
And when my time ascend,
He did share his glory.

I played baseball on his song,
And had to learn speaking English,
Guess it’s the curse with the British,
Which he is all along.

I was playing Violin
I fell for a strange and mad star,
With his glittering red guitar,
Slowly getting under my skin.

Ten years later, just the same,
Dark hair and deep blue eyes,
The Knights of Cydonia will arise,
And the music is not to blame.

I sang in my old story,
For the City of Delusion,
My friends come to the conclusion,
That he is as mad as me.

Don’t leave me out to die,
You’re the greatest guy.

Written in the Pub Ollie’s.
My story, in French : ‘Résistance’.
Copyright © 2023 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.