First things first, I just want to say,
There’s nothing to keep the pain away,
Always writing everything in my stories,
The words are screaming in my diaries.

I was broken from a young age,
Keeping my free spirit in the cage,
When the drugs numbed my brain,
I could feel the triggers in my veins.

Second things second, about the pain,
It’s much worse between the mountains,
With the cold, the frost and the snow,
I’ve almost fallen way down below.

I was all alone, in the wild white,
Crying and praying, until the night,
And even now, everything is just the same,
Why should I be the only one to blame ?

Last things last, they made me angry,
So, now, I’m the Pirate of my sea.
It’s a nightmare, I’m just a ghost,
To the people I loved the most.

Now, by all the rage in my Magic,
I swear your death will be tragic,
Finally, my foes, my pain is revealed,
And I’m not the one hiding behind the shield.

July 2021
Inspiration : « Believer » – Imagine Dragons.
Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Until the end (French & English)

Until the end

Tous leurs mots ont détruit ton esprit,
Et tu dois te battre encore pour ta vie,
Ta liberté disparaît dans tes veines,
Et t’endors dans la torture et la peine,
Tu vois le jour où tu auras cent ans,
Quand le Monde s’éteindra lentement,

Mais comment tu fais pour t’endormir sans moi ?
Mais comment je fais pour m’endormir sans toi ?

Je passe mon temps dans les Pubs le jour,
Je n’ai pas l’envie de retrouver un amour,
Je pense et je prie tout le temps pour toi,
L’espoir est parti, ici tout est triste et froid,
Là-bas, je sais, tu luttes encore en secret,
Mais tu n’en reviendras donc jamais ?

J’écrirai encore et encore seulement pour toi,
Tu me raconteras encore et encore pour moi.

Je revis nos combats et nos chaos,
Je revois nos souvenirs en photos,
Je revis notre mort et notre vie,
J’imagine notre âme qui se guérit.

Inspiration : Chanson « Un Ange à ma table » Indochine – La République des Meteors.

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

« Je reviendrai fou fou mais sauf pour toi »

Until the end

All their words destroyed your spirit,
And you still have to fight for your life,
Your freedom is vanishing in your veins,
You fall asleep in torture and pain,
You see the day you’ll turn 100 years old,
The World will consume itself very slowly,

How can you sleep without me ?
How can I sleep without you ?

I spend my days in the Pubs,
I don’t have the time to find another love,
I think and I pray everyday for you,
My hope is gone, everything is dead and cold,
Over there I know, you fight again in secret,
Will you ever come back home ?

I’ll write again and again just for you,
You’ll tell me everything over and over for me.

I can see our fights and our chaos,
I can see our memories in photos,
I can see our deaths and our lives,
I can see our souls healing.

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

On the Seas of the World

Translation from my French poem :
« Sur les Mers du Monde »

Can you take me dancing tonight,
On the Irish Sea or on the Black Sea ?
Lying down on the sand, together,
In front of the merciless waves.

The World belongs to the people,
Who can see the Magic all the time,
Losing ourselves in the starry sky,
Let’s travel to the Wild East.

Will you run next to me,
On all the Constanța’s beaches ?
Can we sleep on the sea foam ?
And howl at the Moon ?

The World belongs to the people,
Who can see the Magic in our eyes,
From Laytown’s shore, to Tuzla’s,
You and me, together, we’ll survive.

Can we turn on the candles,
On all the Danube’s coasts ?
Do you want to dance on the waves,
On all the Seas of the World ?

The Earth belongs to the Humans,
Who will travel in our train,
Just like a last journey,
Before dancing on our beaches.

In French : 02.07.2021
Translation in English : 07.07.2021
Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Bidule 1

Bidule – 1 an (Français)

Un an, et déjà douze lunes,
À écrire ton nom avec mes runes,
Mon petit loup, comme le temps passe,
De ton beau soleil, à ma douce glace.

Oh mon bébé, où es-tu parti ?
J’ai besoin de le savoir, oui,
Est-ce un endroit que tu aimes ?
Est-ce un endroit comme dans mes poèmes ?

J’essaye toujours de rester occupée,
Car la Terre est vide, désormais,
C’est ainsi, je me repose près de ta tombe,
Peut-être qu’un jour, je m’ouvrirai au Monde.

Bidule – 1 year (English)

One year and twelve moons,
I write your name with my runes,
My little wolf, time flies,
I still have teardrops in my eyes.

Oh my baby, where did you go ?
Please tell me, I need to know,
Is this a place where you are safe ?
Is this a place where I can see your face ?

I’m still trying to stay busy,
Because now, the World is empty,
I stay close to your grave,
And I’ll promise you, to be brave.

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.


I’m invisible, everywhere I go,
I’m like a ghost, or a shadow,
I can hear the whispers, going to me,
When they talk, they beg deeply,
That I must not kill you,
But, I heard that too.

I’m invisible, and it’s a bad dream,
Like the ones I have, I can’t scream,
On screen, or in real life,
The only thing you see is my knife,
With the good words, the good trigger,
He can turn me into a killer.

I’m invisible, all day long,
In the town, where I belong,
As usual, the respect is dead,
That’s why the World is red,
Like the snow, melting on a sunny day,
I’m kind of radioactive in my way.

So, I’m invisible, yes, it’s true,
And I swear I won’t kill you,
I’m not like that anymore,
My mantra is ‘Nevermore’,
Just talk to me, one more time,
While I’m waiting for the Wintertime.

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.


Walking on the streets, you SNUB me,
What do you think were we ?
But, at least, you’re still alive,
I didn’t think you could survive.

Back to the Pub, drinking Guinness,
You leave such a mess,
And you tell so many LIES,
It’s so hard to memorize.

Every JOHNNY is just the same,
I’m fed up with your stupid game,
Why am I the one to blame ?
Can’t you forget my name ?!

Yes, all Drogheda knows you,
If only they can see what’s true,
You yelled, I cried, we kill each other,
Can you die a little FASTER ?!

You put something in my mind,
Too bad, you were very blind,
And you said that I am a slut,
But, I swear, I’ll kick your BUTT !

Every Johnny is just the same,
I’m fed up with your DIRTY game,
Why am I the one to blame ?
Aren’t you a little ashamed ?

You’re keeping saying I’m just a bitch,
But you forgot I’m really a WITCH,
Behind the smile that you wear so well,
I hope so much I give you hell.

Drunk, you fall in the middle of the night,
Worry not, I’ll be there for the bite,
Whether you are my friend or my foe,
You belong way down BELOW.

Every Johnny is just the same,
I’m sick of your silly GAME,
Why am I the one to blame ?
I curse the day you came !

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.


Once upon a time, ten years ago,
A true story, just to let you know,
The blood was real, on me,
And I just wanted to flee.

But, the prison was real too,
And I knew that it was true,
I could read faces, back then,
Enough to escape the den.

The torture, the pain, the memories,
Crying and praying on my knees,
Fallen, far from the sky,
I just wanted to die.

I wrote everything on my computer,
Creating my Worlds and my savior,
From the hospital, to my bedroom,
The Red Door was my doom.

My music stuck in my mind,
Because everybody was blind,
He said : « We adapt to survive »,
If only I was alive…

The tablets helped me to lie,
Truth to be told, I had to try,
Then, I ran so far away,
For a brand new day…

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Bright Eyes

« Écrire, c’est refuser de mourir. »

Bright eyes, just the truth for me,
Full of jokes and very pretty,
10 years, he stayed in the corner of my place,
Still waiting to read my face.

It’s burning up my mind,
Feeding the lies inside,
The triggers,
The lovers,
And his bright eyes.
It’s waking me up at night,
Turning the Darkness into light,
No more lies,
No more cries,
Just his bright eyes.

His heart was hurt by a suicide,
Feeling guilty since she died,
Now everything’s gone in his reality,
He tried so hard to save me.

And it’s burning me up inside,
He was stuck in my mind,
All the guys,
All my lies,
And his bright eyes.
No matter how hard I try,
I feel the beasts untie,
No more dreams,
Just my screams,
And his bright eyes.

Can’t you see his eyes and what lies inside ?
And all the horrors he tries to hide ?
Too late I’ve seen the meaning of it,
But I had to take the heat.

And it’s destroying all my brain,
The memories remain,
My allies,
Bright eyes.
It’s waking up in my mind,
Why are you so blind ?
It’s unwise,
Dear bright eyes.

« J’aime bien tes yeux,
Mais je préfère les miens,
Car, sans eux,
Je ne pourrais pas voir les tiens. »

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

It’s A Brand New World / C’est Un Tout Nouveau Monde

It’s A Brand New World

We are always alone to fight,
And outside, everything is white,
The Universe is indifferent to you,
But, please, you can’t die too.

From the top of the last hope,
Working on the slippery slope,
The worst of it is not the snow,
The Human Boss is our foe.

Please, stay locked at your place,
I will fight, prepare to brace,
You can’t die, not today,
Only you know the way.

The Winter is our new song,
And the show must go on,
Blood is demanded on board,
But we don’t have a Lord.

Triggers flood my brain,
I see the Witches again,
Is the lockdown to blame ?
Will we ever be the same ?

C’est Un Tout Nouveau Monde

Nous repousserons nos attaquants,
Même si dehors, tout est blanc,
Je sais que l’Univers t’oublie,
Mais ne meurt pas toi aussi.

Aux commandes de nos espoirs,
Aux rails gelés de nos cauchemars,
Mais le pire n’est pas la neige,
Mais l’Homme qui attend le cortège.

Reste ici, enfermé sur place,
J’irai seule affronter la glace,
Notre ennemi ne te tuera pas,
Ah, quel hiver, j’étais juste derrière toi.

Le gel sera notre nouveau couplet,
Et le spectacle doit continuer,
Le sang coule en nos lieux,
Mais nous n’avons aucun Dieu.

Les images inondent mon âme,
De nos Sorcières dans les flammes,
Aux confinements que personne n’aime,
Serons-nous toujours les mêmes ?

Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.

Where did you go ?

I walk alone, in an empty World,
I know the pain, my heart is burned,
I feel the hole, inside my chest,
And I only know where you rest.

Oh my baby, where did you go ?
I need something, so please let me know,
And please tell me, when I must leave,
I feel so old and I cannot grieve.

I walk again, close to the sea,
I remember it was where you liked to be,
I hit the road, but on my own,
Wondering now where you have gone.

Oh my baby, why did you leave ?
I’m getting tired and I need something to believe,
So tell me when, I’m gonna see you ?
I’m getting mad and I need a simple clue.

Oh my baby, where did you go ?
I need something, so please let me know,
Is this a place where you are safe ?
Is this a place where I can see your face ?

I Love You, Little Wolf.
Bidule : 4.11.2007 – 22.06.2020 (13 years old)
Copyright © 2021 by Alisone DAVIES – All rights reserved.