Beyond the Surface

Dive into the Sea, my Love,
Leave your home and the World above,
Come and see the mysterious creatures,
It will be your best adventure.

Dive into the Sea, my Human,
My kiss will numb your brain,
The Mariana Trench is waiting you,
And maybe a Mermaid or two.

Dive into the Sea, my King,
And watch what your kind brings,
The shipwrecks and all the rubbish,
So now, it’s your turn to perish.



I’m back, I’m still alive,
You have never been away from my sight,
Your eyes, I can drown in your eyes,
They made me travel thousands miles.

Kill me and take my soul,
I’ve already lost my control,
Play our music and start to sing,
With you, I have everything.

Bring me in the Ocean,
The mountains on your continent,
Leave me in the Dark Forest,
And don’t give me some rest.

I’ll die for you, my love,
I’ll meet you in the World above.


The Magic Violin & Mick

Once upon a time, in the countryside,
A girl walking on the low tide,
With her violin and her husband,
So in love, he holds her hand,
When the Evil comes, she uses magic,
But it surely would be tragic,
Everybody knows : Bad guys are the winners,
And they badly want to kill the lovers,
With her magic violin, she fights well,
But, for Mick, it’s just his Farewell,
All the Witchcraft can’t save him,
She closes his eyes and sings their hymn,
Two years later, she’s still waiting,
Until the End, with her violin,
They will write on her grave :
« Her magic was very brave »…


Hillbrook Drive (Kid Creole and The Coconuts)

I walk on the streets, to the place,
Listening my music, smile on my face,
Here, the big house and small garden,
Open main door but closed curtain,
Ding Dong on the ring doorbell,
He is already singing, I can tell,
« Oh Annie, I’m not your daddy » !
OK, good morning to you, Johnny !
Time for a cup of tea and food,
Chips and beans, so very good !
And blablabla in front of the TV show,
A sudden downpour and rainbow,
It’s time for the Pub, I reckon,
Hope together the Guinness is already on,
For him : Cricket and Leeds on the screen,
But I’m still the Boss, still the Queen.


Welcome to Ireland

It’s a green place in the middle of the Ocean,
And my voice will be subdue with emotion,
A place for Myths and Magic,
With Harps, Violins for the music,
A country of Celtic Culture and love,
There is no problem you can’t solve,
Take your intrument and play something,
Everybody will dance and sing,
In the Pubs, the TV is on,
It’s Guinness Time I reckon,
And now if you go in Drogheda,
It is the time for the Fleadh,
This is my new home and land,
Welcome to Ireland !



Ghosts are real, this much I know,
Haunting and whispering in the shadow,
Spiders spitting web on the big clock,
It’s striking twelve again, tic toc…
By itself the piano is playing,
In the dark, someone is screaming,
Ghosts are here, spreading terror,
Butterflies are dead, in the manor,
Mysteries are hidden in the attic,
Surrounded by bones and magic,
Like Halloween, orange and red,
Corridors are full of the dead,
You can’t sleep now, never more,
And crimson is your new color,
Bodies are buried in the garden,
Always my nightmares, it’s my burden…