The bloody road of Renwez

When the fierce month of september came to try,
To depressing me, I’m cooking blueberry pie,
Drink a pint of beer and a Whiskey glass,
That’s a Paddy’s cure, watch your own ass.

Grab some popcorn and look the same movie,
In the town of Nice with man’s best friend Bibi,
Saluted mother dear, call me darling sister,
‘Cause it’s family’s tradition forever and ever.

’till, my spirit let’s fly toward the ocean side,
Then the Loctudy lighthouse is in my mind,
Oh, Brittany your awful home, let me tell ya,
You’re not the worst holidays than Corsica !

Drown in a creepy pool and a curse lake,
But if I dont’ know swim, it’s my mistake,
Scary, eerie, deadly stepmom hide the way,
If you’d don’t only listen, sorry I’ve to run away.

But, the mushrooms, I still remember, yes
When you played piano, I was so reckless,
Sis’ and you always understood each other,
‘Cause I was a cheater, stealer, so addict reader.

And I have no life, no lover to prove untrue,
I parked my car in the graveyard in a foggy dew,
I banished ghosts, goblins and one gnome,
In the bloody road of Renwez, your home.

All the bad are good, all the good are bad,
And my mate says « Ali, you look so sad »,
Juste ’cause my country kill me like my daddy,
Blood began to boil, I’ll escape this with Baby.

All on my own, I’ll go to the Brit Kingdom,
When any town in the North would be home,
In London starving or in Dublin, I cry,
I’d be better to die beneath an Irish sky.

Called meself a fool, but I can’t stay,
For an another unhappy bloody birthday,
Oh, glorious dead, in my dreams I go,
In Paddy’s Pud, I let out my sorrow,
Nightmares must end, the world must know,
We all depend on the devil below.

Happy Father’s Day

Our Father in heaven,
Is watching your five children,

See what the war did it to us,
Watch the beginning of the curse,
See my anger and my tears,
See all my dreams di­sappear,
Hear my voice and my cry,
And see my hopes all die.

See my blood and my life,
My weapons and your knife,
Inside me, see the Darkness,
See when I’m homeles­s,
Hear me howling at the moon,
Because the end come soon.

See when I feel so cold,
When the sun burn my World,
You know the North remember,
So, see the Devil on my shoulder,
And now, look at the skyfall,
This is the end, let me drown.

Today, it’s the Fath­er’s Day,
And, is how I should pray.

Happy Mother’s Day

Roses are red,
Sky is blue,
Everybody is dead,
So, I love you.

Hell is crimson,
Heaven is white,
You don’t have a son,
But a daughter of knight.

The flowers are yellow,
Birds are singing,
I’m not a hero,
‘Cause World is burning.

The sun goes down,
The stars come out,
I’m on my own,
But please don’t shout.

Angels are falling,
Demons has a price,
But my voice sing,
My love never dies.


Run, Girl, Run, This Timeline is bad,
Run, Girl, Run, The world become mad,
Run, Girl, Run, Doppelgangers will come,
Run, Girl, Run, Your body will numb,
Run, Girl, Run, They want to kill you,
Run, Girl, Run, It’s your only rescue.

One day, it’s gonna be happen,
But now, it’s time to run.

Run, Girl, Run, The Death is behind you,
Run, Girl, Run, Your enemy is here too,
Run, Girl, Run, The nightmares are real,
Run, Girl, Run, There are no escape here,
Run, Girl, Run, The shadows are in the night,
Run, Girl, Run, Because you never can fight.

One day, you’ll see the sun,
But now, Alisone, it’s time to run…


Last Year

Father, the year finally comes, here,
I feel that’s rise my fear,
10 years ago, the sad farewell,
You’re in Heaven and I’m in Hell.
I heard the same horrible song,
I promise you, I will be strong,
Voices in my head always try,
Say me everybody gonna die…


Cold is coming

Under my umbrella, we feel so cold,
Because there’s a flaw in our code,
My soul is frozen too,
But my heart is for you.
The cold is coming in the City,
From the Asylum, we can’t be free.
Find your true love, run to it, she said,
Baby, did we forget to take our meds ?


Trick or Treat ?

It’s the horror’s night now,
You maybe can die somehow,
You’ve got no place to hide,
Darkness is not very blind,
Tonight, everyone will scream,
I think, it’s Halloween !

Come on, come on,
Think about your own survive,
Come on, come on,
Do you want stay alive ?
Come on, come on,
I swear it’s not a dream,
Red and black, slimy green,
I think, it’s Halloween !