We are

In a Land of Myth and a time of Magic,
All the Legends, deadly and romantic,
Will be alive again, more and more,
With great powers, like our mentor,
We’re not gonna live with fear,
We are the Voice, loud and clear,
And it’s a chorus so sublim,
We’re born like this, not a crime,
He’s Emrys, I’m the Lady of the Lake,
The Sword in the Stone is not a fake,
So, the Battle just begun,
But with some spells, no gun,
Tomorrow is another day,
Now we are here to say :
« I’m a Sorcerer, I have Magic,
I’m the last Dragonlord, I was born with it. »

31.05.19 – 01.06.19

I heard a rumour

Don’t trust the rumours, trust the truth,
Be careful, everybody here can be cruel,
The words go through the Pub’s doors,
They will talk and call you « A Whore »,
Don’t listen to them or you will cry,
Run girl, and look up to the sky,
They spread the words like a poison,
If you want to fight you must be the Dragon,
Screaming is useless, nobody listen,
This is Hell, not Heaven,
They will not believe you anymore,
And say you’re mad, a liar and more,
But I will tell you something for free,
The girl I’m talking about, it’s me.


Hush the World and hush the Sun,
Tell the Ocean everybody is gone,
Three black stars and three white ways,
Tell the Drums what he says,
Gone our Brothers, gone our Family,
Gone our Home, gone our Country,
Hush the dark, hush the light,
Tell the Sky we lost the fight,
Gone our Sisters, gone our Fathers,
Gone our Land, gone our Mothers,
Hush the hope and hush the song,
Tell the Ocean everybody is gone.


I believe in Magic and Fantasy,
With Dragon, Mermaid and Fairy,
Where the Moon claim me for my Power,
In a World where we can be together,
Where the songs are not only in my Mind,
And where the Forests are so sublime,
And Emrys is here to save Albion,
The World and the King’s Son,
But the Dark Magic is always here,
Because there’s something in the Fear,
The Crystal Cave, the Prophetie so antic,
In my Land of Myth and time of Magic,
So, I help him, with my Powers and my Violin,
The Young Man, his name is… Merlin.

Twenty Four Moons

Twenty Four Moons, Twenty Four Days,
It is coming, like he says,
A time for Halloween, it’s time to know,
The Heaven above and the Hell below,
Twenty Four Moons but only two years,
The Nightmares begin and the name appears,
Finally, the Witching Hour, time for Magic,
I’m taking my Violin and I call Mick,
Twenty Four Moons, All Moons are red,
A Fractured Soul, when he was dead,
Twenty Four Books, Twenty Four Songs,
I don’t know what is right, what is wrong,
Twenty Four Moons, Twenty Four Months,
Two years of Death or Twenty Four Guns,
Twenty Four Dreams, Twenty Four Nightmares,
We are still alive, but nobody cares,
Twenty Four Moons, Twenty Four Dead,
I bury my heart, like you said,
It is our song, my Coven must know,
That I love you but it’s time to go.

Petites Strophes // Short Poems


Oh, the lovers near to the river, sitting,
Where I cry on her childbearing,
They’re happy when they’re embrace,
But, I want to stay in that place,
The one I never seen before,
The way along the Shamrock Shore.



In a land of myth and magic,
There was a boy named Mick,
He is not real, that why I,
Stay here and still cry,
I start to play and let fallin’,
My teardrops on my violin.



Amour rapide et peut-être le plus long,
Tout a changé après cette inclination,
Un an auparavant, j’ai posé mes yeux,
Dans les siens, cette immensité bleue,
Un an déjà, et désormais je suis partie,
Pour suivre mon cœur, grâce à lui.

20.03.18 pour le 1.04.18


Mais l’amour disparaît, la Mort l’emporte,
Et voilà que s’ouvre cette étrange porte,
Dans le black-out de la journée, je me noie,
L’ivresse m’étourdit, je pleure sur toi,
Amour rapide, mais désormais mort,
Un an après, je pleure sur toi, je pleure encore.

22.03.18 pour le 8.04.18


1878, au cœur de la vieille Angleterre,
Mais pour moi, c’était l’année dernière,
Quand l’Institut devint ma maison,
Je dansais au rythme de son violon,
Trop tôt parti par le Mal, on l’habilla,
D’ivoire, pour ceux qui ne vieilliront pas.



Pour sauver les gens il faut m’empêcher,
De m’attacher ainsi à leurs personnalités,
Comme celui qui fuit avec crainte,
S’échappant en groupe du labyrinthe,
Détruisant les Méchants pas si bons,
Mourant sans Remède durant l’invasion.



Tu ne peux te coucher près de moi,
Ni me toucher quand ça ne va pas,
Tu es présent, mais invisible aux yeux,
Des véritables gens et de tous ceux,
Qui me croient obsessionnelle,
Mais si seulement tu étais réel…



When I walk along the sea,
Mick always tries to save me,
When I cross the bridge, he says,
‘Don’t. Things gonna be good anyway.’
But I feel the sadness and the sorrow,
‘Mick, you should let me go.’



Au pays des danses et des chants,
Des musiques et des instruments,
Par-delà les collines, je m’en vais,
Au milieu du lac, je veux me noyer,
Quand soudain l’Enfer me rappelle,
Car rien n’est réel.



Moon of my Love, Love of my Moon,
Walk on the beach and I’ll see you soon,
You love me and I love you too,
But Hunters hunt as they must do,
My Witches Drums come and say,
‘You’ll be loved for Valentine’s Day’

07.02.19 for 14.02.19


Two years and twenty-four moons,
You was my love, you was my doom,
Because I was alone in the dark,
And my heart went from red to black,
Two years and twenty-five moons,
I’ll see you my love, I’ll see you soon.

Pour le 1er Avril 2019

Death #2

Death is two years old,
Two years without my soul,
Just one year, on my own,
When I walked in Laytown,
Good memories for that day,
But he’s still dead now, anyway.

Pour le 8 Avril 2019


When we are homeless, I can see,
The White Magic inside of me,,
Witches are awake and wolves are hunting,
Now, listen, my song is coming,
The moon is full, the sky is blue,
Don’t trust the rumors, trust the Truth.

When the Star is missing,
The Witch hour is coming,
Spirits and voices are all gone,
I’m in two Worlds but I must choose one,
So he comes, as a Pretty Reckless,
And says to me : « Claim Yourself ».

Between the Death and the Birth,
I hear the voice of Mamma Earth,
The Witches Drums, loud and clear,
I rise my wand and the moon appears,
We are Magic, the World must know,
We all can see, the Demons below.



Même si rien n’est sûr,
La vie est une aventure,
Même si rien ne change ce soir,
J’ai toujours mes cauchemars,
Dans la magie née l’imagination,
La vie est une chanson.



Je marche sur le sable et je vois mes pas,
Mais jamais la mer ne ramène Mick jusqu’à moi,
Car si dans deux ans, je reviens à Laytown,
Je ne serais jamais personne,
Mais courir sur le sable et la plage,
Je sens sous ma peau tous mes tatouages.



Love hurts a lot,
The pain is all I’ve got,
A call, a death or a photo,
Even if I don’t want to know,
My heart has a heart attack,
And my brain goes from red to black,
I’ll stay alone with my Teddy Bears,
‘Cause I love 3 Irish Men, but nobody cares…


Corpse Bride

I saw it again. A picture, a video,
I never wanted to know,
Love hurts me like a knife,
Even if he brought me to life,
Now I’m gone and dead inside,
I will never be a bride,
I drown my sorrow in my Guinness,
I don’t have any heart in my chest.



I will burn the World for you,
For your eyes so blue,
And for your hair so dark,
I will kill, I will attack,
I will climb the mountains for your voice,
I will, because I don’t have the choice.



Vers Laytown, mes pas me ramènent,
Vers la plage et celui que j’aime,
Vers les roches et les gemmes,
Vers les coquillages que la marée sème.

To Laytown my steps bring me back,
To the beach and the man I love,
To the rocks and the jewels,
To the shells that the tide sown.


Light up the Darkness

Il y a des gens jaloux,
Qui veulent te tuer plus que tout,
Il y a des gens stupides,
Qui détruisent par leurs propos acides,
Il a des gens méchants,
Qui te poussent au découragement,
Il a des gens atroces,
Qui vont te bouffer jusqu’à l’os,
Et il y a ceux qui, dans ton Enfer,
Viennent, pour allumer une Lumière.

A Limerick Poem

Aujourd’hui, un petit exercice Irlandais…
Eux aussi ont leur version des « Haïkus ». Un « Limerick » est un poème où la première, seconde et cinquième phrases ont la même rime et le même nombre de syllabes, allant de 7 à 10. La troisième et quatrième phrases ont la même rime, différente des autres, et où le nombre de syllabes peut aller de 5 à 7.
Pour plus d’infos, cliquer sur ce lien, pour avoir des exemples de Limericks.
Je me suis essayé à ce jeu et voici ce qui est sorti de mon cerveau…
Bonne lecture !

There was a clever boy called Mick,
An Irish man so sweet and kick,
When I fell in love,
He gave me a dove,
For our wedding in Limerick.