Cold is coming

Under my umbrella, we feel so cold,
Because there’s a flaw in our code,
My soul is frozen too,
But my heart is for you.
The cold is coming in the City,
From the Asylum, we can’t be free.
Find your true love, run to it, she said,
Baby, did we forget to take our meds ?


Trick or Treat ?

It’s the horror’s night now,
You maybe can die somehow,
You’ve got no place to hide,
Darkness is not very blind,
Tonight, everyone will scream,
I think, it’s Halloween !

Come on, come on,
Think about your own survive,
Come on, come on,
Do you want stay alive ?
Come on, come on,
I swear it’s not a dream,
Red and black, slimy green,
I think, it’s Halloween !


The Call

We need to leave, fast and now,
Stay in town ? I don’t know how,
Humans are so… What the Fuck ?
I can survive to them if I’ve any luck.
But, I want to run in the forest,
In the City, it’s the survival the fittest,
But I’m maybe a wolf between my walls,
And I finally heard their calls…


Let’s get angry

That thought always cross my mind,
I will never understand this kind,
So, my punch hit again the wall,
Just to not kill them all
The blood flows on our hands
While they burn all lands,
You want to get angry, let’s get angry,
As my conscience seems to be.
And then, don’t come crying to us,
Because we blame you, impious

« Two things are infinite :
The universe and human stupidity. And I’m not sure about the universe. »
Albert Einstein –


Someone like you

It’s always the number five
From the fireworksI’m still alive
When the house is burning
You know I’m something 
follow the fireflies in the night
And you saved me from the bite, 
When I dieyou scream
In your armsit’s just a dream 
Even if your eyes have turned blue
need someone like you 

Someone like you.jpg