Graphic Light Company


Welcome to my new project and new company !
Freelance Designer.

I’m based in Drogheda and I offer my services for you.
Below, you can discover my prices. Simple. I want to start quietly.
If you want a meeting for a design and project, no problem. You can comment and I’ll share my email address with you for an interview in the town.
I work on Photoshop and Illustrator. I can work on Indesign too, but I don’t have the software on my computer.
Everything is available for Web and Print !
In the end, I’ll give you the project with the PDF, PNG, JPEG (and others) and the print.

Anyway, here my prices :
(Do not include the print.)

Website : 1200 Euros.
Flyers & Posters : 100 Euros.
Visit Card : 30 Euros.
Logo Design : 100 Euros.
Book / Portfolio : 500 Euros.
CV : 25 Euros.

Note : Designs for any associations will be free !

Any questions ? Go !

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